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Google Forms has existed for several years primarily as a simple data collection product. As Google has expanded into new industries new opportunities have surfaced to convert Forms to a platform that can be extended for a variety of purposes. One of the obvious directions was to utilize Forms as a platform for quizzes and assessments, which could be integrated with Google Classroom.

My Role

  • UX Designer
  • UX Researcher
  • UI Designer

Platforms & Screen Sizes

  • Web
  • Mobile Web


  • Build a simple, powerful quiz creation and administration product
  • Optimize for formative assessments, not summative
  • Utilize existing Google Forms framework and UI
  • Integrate experience with Google Classroom


K-12 teachers would be the primary users for the administration and quiz creation portion of the product.

K-12 students would be the primary users for the viewing and quiz completion portion of the product.


The first step was to work with the Project Manager to outline the initial project requirements in a PRD. Examples of requirements:

  • Entry point for "Quiz mode"
  • Converting form to "Quiz mode"
  • Allow for auto-release of scores
  • Allow manual release of scores after review
  • Creating questions and answers
  • Assigning point values
  • Question level feedback for answers
  • Quiz level feedback
  • Email collection for manual release
  • Editing scores and feedback for manual release
  • Ability to release scores
  • Quiz level data visualization
  • Question level data visualization
  • Score syncing with Google Classroom

After establishing the PRD it was important to map out the possible user journeys to ensure all the requirements could be captured in a cohesive flow.

Google Forms Quizzes Journey map

I later used this journey map to help define the specific mocks needed for user testing.


The original proposed journey map was designed around an inline quiz creation process. Essentially, a user would define correct answers and point values at question creation time. This would streamline the creation process and reduce the number of overall steps.

Unfortunately the combined steps were not technically feasible within the Forms front-end infrastructure.

Correct answers and points would need to be a separate step

Google Forms Quizzes Early example of possible inline process, which wasn't feasible.

New Solution

To address the technical constraint, the proposed solution would be to flip the question card over and allow for correct answer and point selection on the reverse side.

Google Forms Quizzes

User Testing

Multiple rounds of user testing were conducted with slidedeck style prototypes to test the complete journey from quiz creation to Google Classroom integration.

Google Forms Quizzes

Google Forms Quizzes


Forms Quizzes Question answers and points - Web and Mobile Web

Forms Quizzes Responses view - Summary

Forms Quizzes Responses view - Individual

Forms Quizzes Responses view - Individual

Forms Quizzes Batch releasing scores

Forms Quizzes Different states for summary scores table

Forms Quizzes Student view

Forms Quizzes Student view - graded quiz